Name: A-Trix

Genre: Drum & Bass

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A- Trix aka Andy Jousten is born in eastern Belgium in 1991. His first steps in music were the music theory and guitar lessons. Later, he bought his first controller of hercules . After the use of finished tracks was too boring , he began by looking for opportunities to compose his own tracks. In 2006, he focused on the early versions of Fruity Loops. Later, Cubase and Ableton were added to his used programs . Since 2010 , he used exclusively Ableton Live to compose and perform his own tracks . His current setup includes a mix of Ableton Live and Traktor . As Controller he uses the APC40 in conjunction with 2 Behringer CMD player, CMD Mixer, Effektpads and a 26 “touch display. He use 2 Trackdecks, 2 RMX Decks and Ableton Clips. In the live performance currently finished tracks will be mixed with his own compositions . He played on smaller events such as Forest Pump and private parties, later followed by events such as station sounds, Out of Control , Triangle Goes Electro, and other regional events . Releases of his own tracks are planned for the future as well as the perfection of the setups, which will continue to be designed for live performance and live remixes .