Name: Chris Schaus

Genre: Techno / Tech-House

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Chris Schaus stands for dark, driving and hypnotic techno. He discovered his passion for electronic music in 2009 when he was 16 years old. In 2011 he became a DJ by himself. Since then he went to a lot of parties and played on many as well. Especially the legendary labels Axis, R&S and Ostgut Ton influenced him musically. As a DJ he takes advantage from the facts that he is always open for something new and that he knows the history and the whole range of electronic music. Thus, he is able to react to every audience and every atmosphere.
Chris Schaus might be a newcomer-DJ but due to his innovative sound one can set him on every public!

„As a DJ I want to contribute to a successful party, nothing more and nothing less. I deem every set as a unique journey, since every party is different. With my DJ-sets I try to react to the moment and the audience and to take them with me on this journey that way. In general my sets are composed of proper techno tracks. Therefore I would describe myself clearly as a techno-DJ. But I try not to be limited or swayed by any musical guidelines. If it fits in the situation, I also play songs that some wouldn‘t classify as techno. I don‘t take care of this, I take care of the situation.
Never be a prisoner of your own music-style – that‘s my motto.“