Name: Head in the Dirt

Genre: Techno / Tech House

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I was always stoked by music. I have played the drums since I was 9 years old.
When I was younger I covered songs together with my brother, who plays the guitar.

When I got older I began to go to techno parties. I wanted to mix music like that so I bought a cheap mixer and practiced nearly every day to get better.

Now I play tech-house and techno. At the beginning I played on birthday parties of friends. Later I began to play at the Clubbing parties and at some other events in the Esscobar. Afterwards I played at HOT (House of Techno) at Triangel St.Vith where I made connection with the „Strange agency“ (booking agency). My equiptment is composed of Native Instruments: Traktor pro 2 which I control with the Traktor S4 and the F1 for remixes, I use also a Machine MK2 for live drums and syth’s in the tracks.

It would be a pleasure to play on your private or public event.