Name: JustMonti

Genre: Techno

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Born in Montenau (next to Amel), Andreas Justen aka JustMonti (1984) got interested in electronic music at a fairly young age. When he was 10, he started borrowing secretely his brother’s legendary
Serious Beats CDs. In the following years he purchased a massive HiFi-System for his room as well a load of CDs, not always to his parents’ and neighbours’ pleasure.


At the age of 16 he was lucky to witness the first Forest Rave festival in 2001, a Techno Open Air festival set up by a youth organization he had just become a member of. From then on he got bitten by the bug. That same week he equipped himself with a set of used turntables and a mixing console. But soon he realized that mixing requires high skills and that the purchased material showed some serious shortcomings. The interest in mixing music vanished for the time being.

However, he was still very much into techno music. In the next few years (2003-2010) he dedicated himself to organizing the ever-growing Forest Rave festival and met lots of big Djs, such as Marco Bailey, Joey Beltram, Yves Deruyter, Ben Sims, Redhead, Tom Hades,… However, the wish to be standing behind the turntables again one day was ever-present.

In 2008 he eventually decided to buy some new material and practised for countless hours. In 2009 he played the Forest Rave festival for the first time as well as the Forest Rave Retro Reunion, where he even became the resident Dj that year.

In 2010 he played the Cité de la Nuit and also became the resident Dj of the Paljas Café in Deidenberg.

One year later JustMonti was asked to play in the Main Room of the 2011 HOT. During the december edition of the 2012 HOT he played with Alien Dee in the Vs for the first time. These two re-appeared on stage together at the HOT on tour in May 2013, when they kind of rocked the Grüne Rakete in Trier. All the other appearances can be found in the neatly compiled flyer album on Facebook. At the present day JustMonti is one of the most popular Djs in the area, also because he arranges unique sets for every single gig.